Why Choose Golden Dolphin

We are one of the oldest and most expirienced travel agency in Zakynthos!


Many years of experience

Over 37000 hours of traveling and guiding exprerience


Building trust with the people tha choose us

80000 and counting tourists have joined us till now


Extensive fleet

We are curently operation a fleet of 10+ modern boats to accomodate any needs


Exprerienced Guides

Our guides are with you to answer any questions you might have


Plenty of destinations

We have many destinations and we are constantly adding new ones.


Affordable prices

Our prices are adjusted so that you can enjoy our services without breaking the bank .

Incredible Places

Get a taste of some of the most incredible places you will visit with us

Place Zakynthos

Location: Marathonisi

Place Zakynthos

Location: Blue Caves

Place Zakynthos

Location: Keri

Place Kefalonia

Location: Myrto Beach

Place Ancient Olympia

Place Zakynthos<

Location: Blue Caves Windmills