Tour of the island by bus

Tour Description

We start the trip from Alykes or Alykanas by our comfortable coach with a guide. We start our trip passes through a lot of traditional Greek villages such as to Orthonies, Volimes, Maries, Agios Leon, Kiliomenos and Macherado. The next stop will be at the village Exo Chora where we will find the oldest olive tree 2000 years old. There you can take photos and relax. The next stop is Anafonitria, the old traditional Greek village , where you get the opportunity to stop off for shopping at the local craft stalls to sample and purchase some of the local wine, honey and olive oil. Only with us during the trip you will visit the biggest monastery of the island Zakynthos - the monastery of Agios Georgios and the monastery of Anafonitria where Saint Dionisios lived. You will also see the Shipwreck from above giving you the opportunity to take enchanting photos. Later you will stop for a lunch in one of the villages for about an hour (optionally). And you will also visit an olive oil factory, and the Callinicos wine winery.

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